New updates and improvements to FlowShare

  1. Welcome to FlowShare Professional 2.14.0

    Welcome to FlowShare Professional 2.14!

    The new FlowShare brings valuable new features.


    New integration: Confluence export.


    Integrate a flow to Confluence

    Confluence is one of the biggest Knowledge base software on market. Our company do all communication from a project to the service desk over this. I need an integration of this to upload directly from flowshare to confluence.



    After you set up FlowShare to export to your Confluence account, FlowShare can directly generate wiki pages from your documentation.



    From now on, FlowShare is prepared for the worst and always creates a locally stored backup copy of your data. If FlowShare should unexpectedly go bye-bye, you can restore your work progress after restarting the program.


    Documenting keyboard shortcuts.

    FlowShare is now able to recognize and document keyboard shortcuts for copy, cut and paste (Ctrl.-x, Ctrl.-c, Ctrl.-v).


    In addition, 28 other minor improvements and bug fixes are included in this update.


    Have fun with FlowShare 2.14 - keep sharing your flow!


  2. Your input needed - New FlowShare Video Export?


    Team FlowShare started the new year with brand new ideas. 💡


    We had an AI create a video tutorial from a FlowShare manual.

    Here's the result.

    What do you think of it? Would this be a helpful FlowShare feature for you?


  3. Welcome to FlowShare Pro 2.12

    New Feature
    FlowShare New Version Announcements (5)

    The new FlowShare offers numerous improvements and valuable new features.


    Compatible with our new license servers

    More and more customers are getting a taste for the licence servers hosted by us.

    This solution allows an entire staff to benefit from FlowShare at a reasonable price and without administrative effort.

    Our latest servers can be conveniently accessed via https. As of this version, this is officially supported by FlowShare. All you have to do is enter the address of the server in the settings dialogue.


    New integration: The Nugget Creator of Know How! AG

    From now on it is possible to export tutorials directly from FlowShare as Learning Nuggets to the platform of Know How! AG's platform: 

    After Wordpress and, this is now our third option for automatically publishing your documentation on third-party platforms.


    New export format: SCORM

    FlowShare can now export zip files according to the SCORM standard, which you can import into Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS for short).


    New export format: OpenRPA

    FlowShare takes its first step into the world of Robotic Process Automation with this release.

    The clicks documented with FlowShare can be executed automatically with the powerful and free RPA tool OpenRPA. Currently, we limit ourselves to the execution of click events.


    New PDF template

    The classic of our PDF templates ("Boxed") is now also available as a landscape variant.


    Adjustable sensitivity for StepCombine - the automatic combining of screenshots

    You want FlowShare to combine more steps than before? You can make a change for this in the settings dialogue.


    Project title in exported image file names

    The title of your flow is now included in the image file name to make the file names more meaningful.


    Simplification when customising title pages for PowerPoint templates

    When customising title pages, you can now use a naming convention for placeholders, as with other slides. Details can be found in our Helpdesk.


    Unicode support for PDF export

    There were problems with non-Latin characters here in the past.


    Numerous fixes:

    • Problems with setting the logo file have been fixed.
    • More understandable handling of headings in combined steps.
    • Rectangular markers could not always be added to a screenshot without problems.
    • Default logo was removed from the template "Grid".
    • Numerous small improvements to the user interface.


    Have fun with FlowShare 2.12 - keep sharing your flow!


  4. Welcome to FlowShare Pro 2.11!


    Among other things, the new FlowShare offers you new possibilities for distributing your guides.


    Web Export

    From now on you are able to publish documentation online right out of FlowShare at the push of a button. To enable web export, connect FlowShare to the platform of your choice in the settings dialog under the new "Web Export" tab. You initiate the export process via the export screen as before. To kick off this new export option, we support the following two platforms:


    Guru (

    Guru is a company wiki system, ideal for preserving and organizing know-how.



    Using the free and powerful content management system, you are able to build a company wiki inexpensively following the do-it-yourself principle. With FlowShare, you can now fill your own Wordpress instance with user knowledge in no time at all.


    Automatic import of settings files

    This new option is interesting for using FlowShare on terminal servers and virtual environments where settings are lost when a session is terminated. By storing a settings file in a user's home directory, it is ensured that user-defined settings are re-read each time the program is started. Detailed information about the convention can be found in the settings dialog under the Settings Import/Export tab.


    Disabling automatic updates

    Interesting for companies with centrally controlled software rollouts, this setting can be used to prevent users from being offered FlowShare updates individually. This setting can be made in the settings dialog or can be specified as a parameter during installation (UPDATES=0).

    Various improvements

    Several minor repairs have been made.

    - Import of user-defined Word templates.

    - Export of PowerPoint-based PDF documents with steps without image.

    - Display errors when editing screenshots.

    - More efficient sharing of concurrent licenses.

    - Text generation in French.

    License server hosted by miraminds

    Furthermore, we now enable you to enjoy the benefits of concurrent licensing without additional effort. Would you like to share a smaller number of licenses with a larger group of users without having to install and maintain an instance of our license server in your network yourself? Then feel free to contact us about this option.


    We hope you'll enjoy working with FlowShare 2.11 - share your flow!

  5. Welcome to FlowShare 2.10!

    The new FlowShare offers valuable new features:


    Improved display on screens with high resolution (4k or similar).

    Gone are the days of tiny buttons or fonts on the FlowShare application interface, as previously encountered on small but high resolution screens, for example.


    Import & export of settings.

    Various settings can now be exported on one device, and imported on any number of other devices. This way, e.g. uniform color or license settings can be conveniently distributed among all employees in an organization in the form of an .fss file (stands for FlowShare settings). Export of settings can be found in the settings dialog under the Import/Export tab.


    Simplification when preparing your own templates for PowerPoint export.

    We have come up with a new concept with a comprehensible naming convention, which should make it easier for you to prepare your own PowerPoint templates for use in FlowShare.


    New arrow types.

    We have extended the range of arrow shapes with three new arrows. In addition, from now on you have the possibility to globally disable the display of arrows.


    Custom arrows.

    You have read correctly. From this version you are additionally able to set your very own arrow creations in the form of a PNG or SVG file. You can find instructions on what to do in this regard in our help desk.


    Minor improvements.

    Besides several bug fixes, we have linked the language of the description text generated by FlowShare to the selection of the dictionary.


    We hope you'll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.10 - share your flow!


  6. Welcome to FlowShare 2.9!


    The new FlowShare version offers practical new features:


    Option to add rectangular markers.

    Starting from this version you are able to add additional rectangles to your screenshots. The rectangles can be used to highlight or explain areas in the screenshot. The rectangles can be resized and re-positioned at any time and are also provided with a label in which a numbering or a short heading can be entered.


    More flexibility in automatic cropping of multiple steps.

    We have expanded the options for automatic cropping of screenshots. From now on, you can choose from six different variants.


    Spell check.

    The texts you write can now be checked for spelling errors. Similar to e.g. MS-Word, you can expand your dictionary and add company-specific terms.


    We hope you'll enjoy working with FlowShare 2.9 - share your flow!


  7. FlowShare 2.8.0 is out now!

    New Feature

    Welcome to FlowShare 2.8!

    For this new version we have dedicated ourselves to the topic of document export. The update offers the following new features:

    - Templates for export to MS-Word.

    It is now possible for you to set your own Word templates in FlowShare.

    - SOP Word template.

    FlowShare now includes a template specifically for documenting standard operating procedures (SOP).

    - New PowerPoint template.

    The new template called "Grid" expands your PPTX export options.

    - HTML templates.

    You can now choose from three different templates for your export to HTML. In addition to fresh designs, these templates offer practical features such as the enlarged display of screenshots in a lightbox or a two-column layout with an always visible table of contents.

    Furthermore, there are the following small improvements:

    - Deleting steps via the delete key.

    - Cleaned up table of contents in Acrobat Reader when using the PDF export template "Boxed".

    - When copying text from one step to another, text formatting is no longer lost.

    We hope you'll enjoy working with Flowshare 2.8 - share your flow!